Save Your Music!

TuneJack is a very easy to use utility to recover songs off your iPod, iPad, iPod touch and/or iPhone. It walks you right through the process. It makes it effortless to copy all the songs that are on the iPod, iPad, and/or iPhone to your PC.

  • Recover from computer crash

    IIf you've lost all your songs on your computer due to a computer crash, TuneJack gives you the ability to copy the songs back from any iPod, iPhone or iPad. This is impossible using iTunes alone.

  • NEW Super Rescue Tracks

    We now have a "Super Rescue" track feature. This allows TuneJack to see the same list of tracks as the device itself sees. This is available for devices running iOS 5.0 or later. moreā€¦

  • Load songs onto new computer

    When buying a new computer, TuneJack makes it possible to easily transfer your songs to your new computer from your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

  • Copy songs from any iPod, iPhone or iPad

    TuneJack gives you the ability to copy songs onto your computer from any iPod, iPhone or iPad. If your friend has songs you would like, you can connect their iPod, iPhone or iPad to your computer and transfer over all the songs you don't have.

  • How it works

    You simply start up TuneJack and wait for it to tell you to connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad. After connecting your iPod/iPhone/iPad, you click a single button to start the process. TuneJack will then copy over any songs and playlists that are on the device and not already on your computer.

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